11th July 2006, 17.36pm
Unit 15a, Alpine Resort – on my whizzy new Macbook

Having a rubbish week – we’ve swapped trainers now (we’ve got BASI Tom) and started working on our carving – I just can’t seem to get the hang of anything this week – really frustrating! Especially as our exam starts on Monday

Today was a bit better, relaxed a bit so things flowed more. Doesn’t help that i’ve pulled something in my left hand side and it’s causing me a bit of pain everytime I bend!

Did a spot of buttering (spinning around on the nose/tail of the board) and finally got the hang of getting my nose out of the snow and wheelieing – determined to butter properly by the end of the month.

We’ve got a day off tomorrow, but I think I’m gonna hit the slopes to build my confidence back up and practice what I’ve learnt over the last few days.