The road to Beni

Early start. Again! But glad to leave Tatopani behind and move closer to Pokhara. A long day, boring because a road has been put in, so a long slog over dusty tracks, avoiding buses and lorries. Some nice moments and sights and fun chats, but by the time we reach Galeshwar, we’re bored and opt for a taxi or bus. One does not appear, so we slog on, eventually finding a taxi and negotiating hard for him to take us 5 mins down the road to Beni. We end up sharing with 2 kids who just stare all the way.

Hopping out at Beni, we avoid taxis and crawl onto a local bus. Exhausted but happy. Long bus ride to Pokhara with a kid on my bag/M’s knee. Finally back to Baglung bus station. Irritable haggling gets us a ride to the Gauri Shankar, sharing with a random Dutch guy who now lives in Spain. Fortunately Judy kept our room and we end up with a much nicer double. Korean food and penny pinching seal the day.