Tada! AnnapurnaTada! Annapurna

Michelle's boot!M's boot!

Unsure if we’ll make it, we set off early. Long and tough climbing first up – 3280 (allegedly) stone steps. Pauses for tea and water, but exciting glimpses of Annapurna through trees. It eases off, but not much – a long climb to Ghorepani and noticeably colder temps – we’re now around 3000m. We stagger through to Deorali and find the Mountain View guesthouse and a room with a view, hot water and a comfortable bed. Wrapping up warm, we scout the place out, finding Noel, Jess and Dave. Nice buzz to the place a surprisingly well stocked.

Nepali kids - sooo cute!Nepali kids - sooo cute!

Mmm, dim sum.Mmm, dim sum.